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“A Camino Journey”
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About The Idea Man

I am from La Salle-Peru, Illinois. I was born April 23, 1945. I Retired in 2009 and lived in California, Arizona and Florida. The last two years I spent in Mexico and now live in Thailand. I grew up working with my father in the restaurant business. I spent the rest of my life in sales and owning several businesses. I have been known as “The Idea Man.” However, my ideas are not invariably good ones! Nevertheless,… always have one and have no fear to try something new. In 1981, I went back to school and got a degree in “Video and Motion Picture Production.” Which turned into one of my favorite hobby’s today. My life has been filled with success and failure, but always had a “Lesson learned” attached. I am in recovery from an alcohol and drug problem, but haven’t had a drink since 1981. I always say, “Every time I drank I got Married.’ My marriages turned into a disaster because of my addiction problem. Today, I am not the person I was! My true love is writing and video; however, do not consider myself an expert in either. I am terrible with spelling and punctuation, but do feel I am good at expressing how I feel on any subject. Over the years, I have had many volunteer editors help me to improve. I think by the time I turn 100, I will have it down pat! Throughout my life even as a child I had a memory disorder. I think it was A.D.D., but in the 50s, they didn’t even know what that was. Today I still deal with that issue but in a different way. Writing is very important to me, even if no one reads it. It opens a door to my heart and by-pass my head. I have published many stories on Yahoo and other publications. I have even written a book about some of my life experiences called “I FIRED GOD (but hired a new one)” I have started a new book about my life-changing experiences since I left Mexico and came to Thailand. Most authors come up with a title when the book is finished. With my new book, the title came to me instantly, “I AM WE.” That is my newest life discovery! OK enough about me and where I came from. The important part is where I am today and where I am going! There is a ton of books about this historic walk which people have been doing since the middle ages. The most famous is from the world-renowned author Paulo Coelho. His book “The Alchemist” has been read by millions around the world. One of his other books “The Pilgrimage” has also inspired many to look at life “A different Way.” I am trying my best to “NOT” read these books. I want to create my own experience! I don’t want to start out with any expatriation. I am trying to read everything I can find on what to bring, what not to bring where to stop for the day, internet access, etc. So, I guess our trip will be a mystery for all of us. It sounds exciting….Right! Jim
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